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Your Life, Your Way | ADHD Coaching For Women

Do you have this underlying feeling like you're not living up to your potential?  

You're not alone.  It's actually the number one reason why adults seek coaching (whether or not they have ADHD).  

In my practice, I coach adult, professional women who struggle with focus, confidence and direction.  If that’s you, whether you have ADHD or not, coaching can help you discover your strengths so you can show up at work and in your personal life as your most confident, authentic self.

My Approach to Coaching

No matter the goal, I encourage all my clients to approach personal transformation holistically, by focusing on body, mind and emotional wellbeing. From my years of training in fitness, yoga, coaching and psychology, I have found that change rarely happens unless we have the physical, mental and emotional energy to follow through.

Who I Work With

I coach professional women, mostly over 40, who know, or suspect they have ADHD. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s feeling lost, a corporate leader who feels overwhelmed, or a woman in mid-life who wants to reinvent herself, the coaching process is the same.

I help you see what you can’t objectively see for yourself.

Once you’re aware of your own behavior patterns, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging choices, along with your intrinsic strengths and values, you’ll have the clarity and confidence you need to make any kind of change in your life.

Total Sessions & Duration
Total Sessions 9 Sessions
First Session Duration 50 Mins
Subsequent Sessions Duration 50 Mins
Program Duration 3 Month(s)

Program Fees
Pay Monthly | No Commitment

$ USD 597.00

3 Month Commitment | Save 25%

$ USD 1,350.00