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ADHD-Friendly Business Coaching

Have you thought about starting a business but not sure what to do? Or maybe you have a brilliant idea, but you're too afraid to move forward because of your ADHD tendencies to get overwhelmed and not follow through.

ADHD-friendly Business Coaching is perfect for first-time or solo entrepreneurs who struggle with limiting beliefs.  I use a strengths-based approach to guide my clients through the following steps to launching or growing a business:

Clarity Phase - We start out exploring potential business ideas that not only light you up, but also sustain your interest over the long term. If you already have an idea, we work on refining the business model so it's ADHD-Friendly. During this phase we take a deep dive into your personal character strengths, values and interests to identify your unique idea & the best approach for you to reach success.

Blueprint Phase - During this phase we map out your business structure. What you will sell, who will you serve, and how you will launch your business into the world in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your strengths and values.

Launch Phase - In this final phase, we work on a simple, ADHD-Friendly execution plan. The pre-launch phase is where many ADHD'ers lose momentum as the self-doubt and lack of focus starts to creep in. Toghether, we'll devise a plan to keep you on track and build a support team around you that can keep you accountable and focused on your vision.

Existing Businesses - We work together to find systems, processes and growth strategies that align to your interests and strengths.  We can also explore issues around prioritization, organization and procrastination.

Total Sessions & Duration
Total Sessions 9 Sessions
First Session Duration 60 Mins
Subsequent Sessions Duration 50 Mins
Program Duration 3 Month(s)

Program Fees
3 Month Commitment | Save 25%

$ USD 1,350.00

Pay Monthly | No Commitment

$ USD 597.00